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Science and Technology

The key principles of this AoLE and guidance can be found here
Aims: We have the ambition to make the 'Curriculum for Wales' and 'Science & Technology' relevant to all of our learners and accessible for all. This document explains how we do that at Ysgol y Gogarth.
Science and Technology in different classrooms and for learners with a wide range of additional needs. The School has a diverse range of age from 4 to 19 with a wide representation of Learning Needs. Science & Technology will look quite different in Classroom environments throughout the School.
Considerations: Teachers are considering what SciTech experience is appropriate for their Learners as well as what prior learning they have. For example, this may involve Teachers with particular expertise adapting learning experiences with an engaging sensory approach; Refining communication with eyegaze or symbols; Considering specialised resources; Reflecting a mainstream style experience (including touching GCSE content) in a way that is accessible.

Teachers plan their SciTech curriculum alongside their knowledge of pupil IDP, IEP, OnePage Profile, medical and Care needs, Pupil-Voice, leading to quite 'bespoke' provision in all areas of the school. There is provision for 'specialist' teaching where appropriate at Year 7 to 13 and this can be within the purpose designed SciTech room and 'Hwb' areas within Gogarth or as part of the 'Inclusion' program offsite.

Science and Technology involves Design and Technology; Computer Science; Biology; Chemistry and Physics.


It gives pupils in Ysgol y Gogarth the opportunity to be curious, to engage in dynamic and practical learning that naturally allows potential for connecting to other areas of the Curriculum. Fundamentally, we aim to plan for Science and Technology that is ambitious, fun, engaging, challenging and stimulating. That encourages pupils to explore, to ask questions, to seek answers, to form opinion, to design, to create, to make and 'do'. This can be in the Hwb using machinery, in the garden area growing produce, in the classroom 'making' following design.


Core Value: As Teachers, we aim to provide regular opportunity for practical work. Embed problem solving processes. Take opportunity for learners to become familiar with new digital software (eyegaze, adobe spark), apps and devices (3d printer, codeapiller). Teach Learners how to use tools and machinery.


Encourage creative thinking.

Consider safety.

Updated February 2024 - Mr Steer AOLE Lead 

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