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Physical Literacy and Sports


At Ysgol Y Gogarth we promote physical literacy and sports to ensure our students lead healthy and fulfilling lives both during and beyond their school years. Leading our efforts is Aaron Jones, our Physical Literacy Coordinator, whose wealth of experience and passion for physical activity enriches our school community.

We believe that physical activity and exercise are fundamental to a well-rounded education. Aaron has played a pivotal role in developing a comprehensive whole-school Physical Literacy and Sport program, which is constantly being refined to ensure every student benefits equally. Collaborating closely with staff across all departments, as well as external governing bodies and sporting groups, we ensure that our program remains inclusive, safe, and engaging for all students.

As a member of the Manual Handling team, Aaron provides invaluable support to staff, ensuring that sports are not only inclusive but also safe for every student. Furthermore, his expertise as a MOVE practitioner enables him to seamlessly integrate the Physical Literacy model into classes throughout the entire school, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Sports School of the Year - Ysgol Y Goga
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