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Person Centred Planning

What is Person Centred Planning?


This is a process that involves continued listening and learning about what is important to and for the person now and in the future. It is a process of continued support involving family, friends and professionals working together to make this happen. Person Centred Planning helps the individual to think what’s working and not working.


The overall aim of person centred planning is

“good planning leading to positive changes in peoples’ lives and services” (Richie et al, 2003)


Person Centred Planning at Ysgol y Gogarth

One Page Profiles

Every child has a One Page Profile which centres on the following three key questions

What do people like/admire about me?

What is important to me?

How best to support me?

What is important for me?

Person Centred Reviews

Ysgol y Gogarth encourages everyone that is involved with supporting the child to engage together and celebrate their achievements. It is held within a friendly atmosphere and everyone is able to contribute to develop a realistic action plan for the future of the child. The child is central to this meeting and is as involved as he/she is able to be.

Feedback from parents who attended Person Centred Reviews has been very positive.

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