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Positive Behaviour Support

At Ysgol y Gogarth certified behaviour analysts collaborate with teachers, teaching assistants, and other professionals to support teaching and learning for all pupils.


We aim to teach our learners the skills they need to reach their full potential and engage fully in school life. The team supports the pupils with communication, learning and life skills.


Teaching Skills

Some of the pupils may need individual behaviour support. The plans always include bespoke skill building targets that are meaningful to the learner and promote independence and engagement in school. The plans outline positive strategies to support the learners, using a consistent and calm approach. The team provides ongoing training and support to the teaching staff, and reviews the progress and impact of the plans.


Understanding Behaviour

Sometimes pupils engage in behaviours that challenge those around them. The positive behaviour support team conducts assessments to understand why a learner may be exhibiting challenging behaviours. Assessments help us to identify things that the learner may find frustrating or difficult. We can support the learners by making changes to the school environment, and provide the resources that may help learners be more comfortable in these situations. When we know what the learner is trying to communicate, we can teach them other ways to ask for what they want. We hope to give the learners the skills and confidence to identify and communicate their needs and the things that are important to them.


Supporting Learning and Communication

Our pupils face unique challenges to learning and communication. The PBS team helps teachers design curriculum and skills programmes that are appropriate for each learner. We can support teachers to adapt the curriculum to make it accessible for all learners, and emphasise functional life skills, social skills, and community skills.


Foundation Learning

The team works closely with teachers to write bespoke teaching plans for all our early years learners. We use one to one teaching to promote communication and language skills, encourage play and social skills, and develop early academic skills.


Team Values

The team adopts a pupil centred approach to practice and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with families. We value all learners and always prioritise the happiness and wellbeing of our pupils.

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