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Join Us in Making Waves for Diabetes UK!

We're thrilled to announce that some of our incredible staff members have taken on a remarkable challenge to support a cause close to their hearts. Dave Hartley, Georgia Povey, and Aaron Jones have fearlessly committed to swimming an astounding 22 miles to raise funds for Diabetes UK.

Diabetes affects millions of lives worldwide, and our team is determined to make a difference. With each stroke, they're not only pushing their own limits but also raising vital funds to support research, education, and care for those living with diabetes.

You can be a part of this inspiring journey by showing your support. Every donation, no matter how big or small, will make a significant impact. To contribute, donate here

But the journey doesn't end there! If you're eager to dive in and join Dave, Georgia, and Aaron in their mission, we welcome you with open arms. Simply reach out to Dave at, and he'll add you to the team page.

Thank you for your support!



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