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Grand Opening of Ty Morgan

The grand opening of Ty Morgan Community Hub was an event filled with joy, reverence, and a sense of community spirit. Named in honor of the late Mr. Jonathan Morgan, our former headteacher whose vision and dedication laid the foundation for this remarkable space.

Ty Morgan stands as a testament to his enduring legacy.

The hub offers a diverse range of opportunities for the school community, serving as a hub for learning, creativity, and collaboration. Among its facilities are a conferencing space, a movie theater, an animation workshop, and a versatile recording/blogging/radio studio.

These amenities are designed to inspire and empower students, parents, educators, and professionals, fostering a sense of creativity and innovation within the community. The grand opening was a momentous occasion attended by Mrs Lisa Kovacs, the senior leadership team, governors, the student council and Mr. Morgan's family, symbolising the unity and support that Ty Morgan represents.

As Ty Morgan Community Hub opens its doors to the world, it carries forward the vision and passion of Mr. Jonathan Morgan, ensuring that his legacy continues to shape and enrich the lives of all who walk through its halls. The grand opening of Ty Morgan marks the beginning of a new chapter filled with endless possibilities and boundless opportunities for growth, learning, and collaboration.



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