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Celebrating Mr. Morgan: A Tribute Through Art at Ysgol Y Gogarth

The school community came together to honor the cherished memories of Mr. Morgan in a special way. The visions of the school council and SLT were combined, along with the dedication of School Council Lead Mrs Tennant-Jones, to initiate a group art project.

Students had the opportunity to contribute to this meaningful piece by adding their own 'paw print' to wooden dog cut-outs, symbolizing Mr. Morgan's love for his dog Juno.

To ensure inclusivity, alternative materials and methods were made available for students with sensory difficulties. The event featured 10-minute slots for each class to participate, with flexibility for internal swaps to accommodate individual needs. While it was encouraged for all pupils to join, it was understood that attendance might not have been possible for everyone, and arrangements were made for the dogs to visit those unable to attend.

The community came together to celebrate and remember the joyful spirit of Mr. Morgan through this collaborative art installation.



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