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(Mobility Opportunities Via Education)

The MOVE programme is a unique approach to education that gives pupils the opportunity to develop their physical and functional mobility. 

The MOVE programme is a collaborative team approach with learners and their families at the heart of it. The MOVE team includes the physio/functional mobility support Natalie Meerally, lead teacher Odine Matscheroth, in-house MOVE trainer Lisa Kovacs (headteacher), the physiotherapy team, O.T's, teachers and teaching assistants.

Working closely with parents/caregivers aspirational goals are created. Once the goals are identified they are broken down, identifying where the pupils are currently and what skills are needed to build up to these goals. The necessary skills are incorporated in the individuals education plan allowing the pupil to practice these skills daily alongside their peers.  

Ysgol y Gogarth is dedicated to MOVE because we know that physical development is important to pupils and their families. Developing motor skills, balance, co-ordination etc. will improve the emotional and social well-being of our pupils allowing them to achieve their potential and thrive.

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