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We believe that the Internet is an essential part of 21st century life and has a valuable role to play in the education of our pupils. Our school has a duty to provide our pupils with quality Internet access as part of their learning experience. As a school we recognise that e-safety encompasses Internet technologies and electronic communications, such as mobile phones as well as collaboration tools and personal publishing, which is why we have an e-Policy rather than an Internet Safety Policy.

We also recognise that e-safety highlights the need to educate pupils about the benefits and risks of using technology as well as our responsibility to provide safeguards. We need to make all users aware of e-safety and help them to control their online experience. All teachers using ICT in the classroom have a duty to ensure that pupils are reminded about appropriate behaviour regularly.

Our school is aware that some of the information on the internet is inappropriate for our pupils and that we need to have an e-safety policy which is understood by and adhered to by all members of staff. The policy defines the appropriate and acceptable use of the internet by both staff and pupils and a copy is available from the Policies tab on this website.

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