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Language Literacy and Communication

“Language is the essence of thinking and is integral, not just to effective communication, but to learning, reflection and creativity. This Area of Learning and Experience provides the fundamental building blocks for different forms of communication, literacy and learning about language, and also opportunities to develop competence in different languages.

Being able to listen attentively and speak lucidly and understandably or to use non-verbal communication effectively are crucial attributes in learning and life more generally. Developing oracy – the capacity to develop and express ideas through speech – is of central importance to both thinking and learning.

Exposure to literature extends children and young people’s understanding of the power of language. It can stimulate imagination, challenge thinking and introduce new ideas. This Area of Learning and Experience can generate a love of reading that will enrich lives and contribute to present and future well-being.

The role of multiple language learning is particularly important in Wales. Learning other languages introduces children and young people to other cultures. The teaching and learning of Welsh is a priority for the Welsh Government.

This Ares of Learning and Experience encompasses the progressive development of skills in listening and speaking (oracy), reading and writing in English and Welsh; modern foreign languages; digital communication; and literature.”

(Successful Futures – Independent Review of Curriculum and Assessment Arrangements in Wales – February 2015 – Professor Graham Donaldson)