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Religious Education (RE)

At Ysgol y Gogarth, pupils are given the opportunity to learn about the practices and beliefs of the major religions encountered in Britain.

Pupils are encouraged to develop their knowledge and their own beliefs and opinions by exploring those of others. This is done in a variety of ways which use skills from across the curriculum, for example, they may explore religious objects, watch a film about a particular religious ceremony, listen to religious music, explore the special clothes worn by religious leaders or be involved in telling and retelling stories from religious texts.

Pupils are encouraged to reflect on what they have learned and experienced and relate what they know to their own lives and experiences and by doing this to develop a sense of what they believe is a good way to live. At the same time they are encouraged to develop an understanding that other people may think and believe differently to themselves and that these beliefs also deserve respect and tolerance.

All pupils are encouraged to respond appropriately to the experiences provided in their own way, such as through feeling and touching objects, tasting food associated with a particular festival or special occasion, or by listening or joining in with music from a particular religious tradition.