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Geography provides pupils in Ysgol y Gogarth with a means of exploring and understanding the local environment and the wider world. Although a number of our pupils will experience difficulties in fully understanding the concepts or the skills involved in investigating geography, this does not preclude them from the opportunity, the experience and enjoyment of studying the subject. The study of geography in this form contributes to a broad and balanced curriculum at Ysgol y Gogarth and the education of the ‘whole child’.

The aims of geography education at Ysgol y Gogarth are:-

  • to enable children to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world they live in, through experiential and sensory investigation of that world
  • to promote positive attitudes and enthusiasm towards geography, by fostering a sense of awe, wonder and enjoyment
  • to give the pupils as full a working knowledge of the geography curriculum as their academic ability and ability to access the curriculum will permit
  • to provide a geography curriculum that is broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated
  • to ensure the continuity and progressive development of geography concepts, knowledge, skills and attitudes by means of careful, structured planning