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Collective Worship

At Ysgol y Gogarth, Collective Worship follows a weekly theme for the whole school. From Monday to Thursday these are taken in the pupils’ classes while on a Friday there is a Primary and Secondary assembly where the theme continues.

During Collective Worship the pupils may have opportunities to share, explore and extend their feelings and emotions. It is a time to allow for positive reflection on both success and failure in an open, honest and sensitive climate. Collective Worship encourages an inquisitive mind by offering new experiences and also creates an atmosphere in which pupils have the opportunity for silent reflection, repose, inner response and active participation.

The pupils are encouraged to be sensitive to those whose beliefs are different to their own and fosters a sense of fellowship by bringing pupils together each day. Pupils can at such times share values in a tangible and physical gathering. Pupils can observe or participate in their own way. It helps pupils to adopt the school values, learn some of the rules of life and to develop morally and socially being able to distinguish between right and wrong.