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Website Links For Educational Resources

We have listed below a number of websites which offer fun activities and learning opportunities for children of varying ages and abilities.

Boardmaker - free 90 day trial for online symbol resources -

Help Kidz Learn
HelpKidzLearn - the home of accessible software, enabling children of all abilities to play, develop and achieve. Currently offering a free 14 trial -

A number of songs, games and activities to support the Welsh language -

Teach Your Monster To Read
Free - Covers everything from letters and sounds to reading full sentences. Complements phonics programmes used in schools -

Singing Hands
Singing Hands use Makaton to support the learning language in a way that it is motivating, engaging and most of all fun -

A variety of shows, games, puzzles and songs to entertain -

Lots of activities related to the National Curriculum for all ages -

Something Special
Using a sign language called Makaton, Justin and Mr Tumble help children learn how to communicate and develop language skills in a fun and exciting way -

Variety of activities and videos to support the National Curriculum -

Fun games and teaching resources about microbes and antibiotics -

RM Easimaths
RM Easimaths has a colourful, user-friendly setup and a cast of fun characters with unique personalities that children can identify with. So not only is it simple to use, it doesn't even feel like they're learning maths skills -
Free access to Clicker at home which offers child-friendly word processing support that will enable pupils of all abilities to work independently. Lots of engaging resources on a wide range of curriculum topics to kick-start writing -

ABC Music Home School
ABC Music Home School resources will be launching on Monday March 30th at 10am with a live online music class demonstrating a range of activities available in ABC Music Home School -

Kahoot! is a free game-based learning platform that makes it fun to learn – any subject, in any language, on any device, for all ages -

SENICT Software provides carefully designed, highly motivating teaching applications for young people with special educational needs who are learning to interact with a computer with assistive technology devices such as switches, touchscreens, mouse and eye gaze together. They are currently extending their 7 day free trial to one month in order to support home learning -

A great program for supporting spelling and phonics -

EducationCity is an online learning resource which is used by many of our pupils at Ysgol y Gogarth. This site offers lots of fun activities to support pupils' learning in maths, literacy and science. If you would like to access this resource you will find your child's login details in their Home/School diary -