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Afterschool Club Programme

Ysgol Y Gogarth are proud to offer our very own, completely inclusive afterschool club programme. The whole-school programme has been designed based on our pupils’ voices and aims to meet the needs of all pupils. Our clubs will adapt seasonally and develop based on the changing interests of our pupils. We are currently running the following clubs:-

Sports Club 1

Our Tuesday Sports Club offers our pupils a range of different sporting opportunities ranging from competitive individual sports to fundamental movements and soft play. The pupils' voices are at the heart of sessions we plan.

Performing Arts Club

Our Performing Arts club has seen us build a partnership with Magic Lights Productions to provide a whole host of performing opportunities for our pupils. These include drama, magic, puppetry, music and dance.

Martial Arts Club

Our Martial Arts Club aims to offer as many martial art disciplines as possible to our students throughout the school year. Karate has been the first area of focus and we look forward to opening this up to more disciplines in the future.

Adventure Club

Our Adventure Club does exactly what it says on the tin! We give our pupils the opportunity to engage in adventurous activities. In partnership with The Outdoor Partnership and Ffit Conwy Leisure Development we have already seen rock climbing and cycling … with plenty more to come!

Sports Club 2

Our Thursday Sports Club focuses on giving our pupils the opportunity to try as many competitive team and individual sports as possible, based on weekly voting.

Wellbeing Club

During our Wellbeing Club sessions we give our pupils some much needed time to relax after a busy day at school. Our focus is the pupils' health and wellbeing and we give them every opportunity to explore their sensory needs.


Ysgol y Gogarth Ranger Unit (Senior Section of the Girl Guides) meet at the school on alternate Monday and Wednesday evenings between 7pm and 8.30pm. Any young woman who is 14 years or older and a pupil at the school may join us, providing the parent or guardian can arrange transport to and from the meetings. We cover a variety of activities, including working towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

For more information, please contact Debbie on 07765596269 or