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School Uniform

It is our school policy that all pupils wear school uniform when attending school, representing the school, or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours.

We believe a school uniform promotes a sense of pride, belonging and equality among the pupils.

The school uniform consists of the following and can be ordered from 'Boppers' in Colwyn Bay:

  • Navy Sweatshirt for pupils in Nursery up to Year 11 -(with school logo if desired)
  • Black Sweatshirt for pupils in Years 12 to 14 - (with school logo if desired)
  • Polo Shirts - white
  • Trousers/skirt/pinafore - grey/black
  • Summer Dress - blue and white check
  • Fleece (optional) - navy (with school logo if desired)
  • Swimming costume/trunks
  • PE - navy t-shirt, grey sweatshirt, navy shorts/joggers - (with school logo if desired)

Jewellery is not permitted in school. The exceptions to this rule are ear-ring studs in pierced ears, and small objects of religious significance. These must either be removed during Physical Education and games, or covered with a plaster (provided by the parent), to prevent them from causing injury.

Footwear – pupils are expected to wear dark shoes, no trainers, no heels. School are aware that some children may require specially made shoes or adaptations which are an obvious exception to this rule.

All clothing must be marked/labelled with the pupil’s name - any lost property can be located at the school reception.

Boppers Ltd
1-3 Woodland Rd West
Colwyn Bay
LL29 7DH
Tel: 01492 534421

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