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Positive Behaviour Support

At Ysgol Y Gogarth we believe in the potential for all our pupils to achieve their best and we are proud of our whole school Positive Behaviour Support model. This is a tiered approach to how we support behaviour for all our pupils. It also provides careful guidance to staff in approaches to promoting behaviour positively, consistently and calmly.

Positive Behaviour Support Pyramid

1. Whole School Expectations

All pupils access our whole school approaches based around the school expectations, providing recognition and praise for their ongoing achievements. In some classes, pupils can earn tokens to use to vote towards a class reward. Pupils can also be nominated for ‘Hot Chocolate Friday’ with the Headteacher. This aims to recognise pupils who routinely go ‘above and beyond’ in their behaviour and attitudes to learning.

2. STEPS Point and Level System

Some pupils require a little more support to develop positive learning behaviours and to engage with their learning. The STEPS program provides frequent opportunities to review achievements and challenges with pupils. Pupils have an individualised reward system linked to these achievements. They progress through different levels, gradually engaging with increasingly challenging activities with increasing expectations regarding their behaviour. This system has supported many pupils to engage fully within school. Staff are provided support and training in effectively delivering the STEPS program by our Positive Behaviour Support team, who also review progress on the programme.

3. Targeted Behaviour Plans

We are committed to supporting all pupils to achieve their best. A few pupils require individually tailored behaviour plans in order to best support them to behave positively and engage fully in school life. These plans are informed by behaviour analysis and are devised by the Positive Behaviour Support team. They provide training and support to staff in the implementation of these plans. They also monitor and review the impact of plans and the progress made by pupils.