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Dear Parents/Carers,

You may be aware that the First Minister held a press conference on Friday as part of a review of the current alert level 4 restrictions in relation to schools. During the press conference the First Minister confirmed that “the alert level 4 lockdown restrictions will remain in place in Wales for the next 3 weeks”.

This means that the school’s current provision for face to face and remote teaching arrangements will stay in place until at least the February half term break (22nd February). A further review will take place at this point with the minister highlighting the possibility of some changes in relation to a “phased and flexible” return after the break “if the public health situation continues to improve”.

At this point we are unable to provide any further information in relation to what this will mean for special schools, however, we are currently reviewing the latest operational guidance for schools in the context of Mr Drakeford’s statement and will provide further details as soon as they are available. The link to the latest operational guidance can be found here:

The first Minister stated “We will work with teachers, colleges, local authorities to plan for the safe return of children to school over the next couple of weeks and keep parents updated”. With this in mind I hope I will be able to provide you with further updates in the coming 2 weeks.

Thank you for your continued support and resilience.

Jonathan Morgan


Dear Parent/Carer

Following my message over the weekend, I can now confirm that face to face teaching will end in all Conwy primary and special school provision on Tuesday 15th December (no school on Wednesday). The decision made by the Council does include provision for Key Workers where all other options in relation to child care have been exhausted.

Staff will be attending school for all 3 days and will prepare packs that will be sent home with children tomorrow evening and this will be further enhanced by activities through the appropriate digital platform used by your child’s class. This may be google classroom, seesaw or HWB. We appreciate that given the time of year and other pressures on you as a parents and carers it may prove difficult to engage with these resources.

We currently have no further information on the position in relation to the New Year, however, our assumption is that all pupils will be returning to school on Wednesday 6th December, following the 2 planned INSET days.


We need to finalise the arrangements for Key Worker Provision in order to ensure that transport arrangements are in place for the children attending site. If you meet the criteria for key worker provision we would ask that you complete the short survey below before 10:00 am tomorrow in order for us to carry out a follow up call and finalise arrangements. We will not be able to guarantee provision for Wednesday if the form is not returned in time.

In the first instance we would ask that you click on the link below and complete the short request survey.

I apologise for the short notice in relation to the changes to the end of term arrangements and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Kind Regards

Jonathan Morgan Headteacher

20th October 2020

Re: announcement from First Minister on further Lockdown measures

Dear Parents/Carers

I would like to thank you for the incredibly supportive and understanding way you have responded to the many changes required in order to reopen the school this half term. We have had a very positive and productive start to the year and the resilience and enthusiasm shown by the pupils has been inspiring. I would like to acknowledge the incredible part you have played as families and parents in supporting the school, along with the role of the staff who have made the return welcoming, interesting and motivating.

Many of you will have seen the press conference announcing the short period of lockdown (or circuit breaker) held by Mr Drakeford and I’m sure there will be significant media coverage in the coming days. The purpose of my letter today is to clarify our understanding of the announcement in relation to Ysgol Y Gogarth, its pupils and staff.

As things stand today, our understanding is that Special schools will remain open to all pupils following the half term break. School will reopen fully on Monday 2nd November. There will be no change to our current arrangements for operating the school including start and finish times.

The following 2 links will provide you with the most recent information we have as a school in the form of a press release and Frequently Asked Questions document.

We will continue to monitor the information, guidance and advice being sent to schools over the coming weeks. Messages will be sent and published in the following ways:

SCHOOL COMMS TEXT-please ensure school has your most recent mobile phone number
SEESAW- please continue to check your class see saw account
TWITTER- regular updates
School website -

Thank you for your continued support during this rapidly evolving and changing picture. We look forward to welcoming your child back after the half term break.

Kind Regards

Jonathan Morgan
Ysgol Y Gogarth

3rd September 2020

Welcome Back Handbook for Parents and Carers

Please click on the image below to view the new handbook forParents and Carers.

A copy of the Parental Covid Contract can be downloaded

24th June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you for your patience over the past few weeks. Since the Ministers announcement we have been extremely busy on a number of fronts trying to prepare the school for the “check in, catch up, prepare” sessions starting on Monday 29th June. In addition we have continued the childcare arrangements that have been in place since the 20th March.

This week you should have received correspondence from your class teacher confirming the pattern of attendance over the final few weeks of the term. We have been careful to ensure that no class has more than 4 pupils in on any day.

Below I have outlined the information you will need to send your child to school safely along with some updates on the work we have done in preparing the building and site for reopening whilst adhering to the current Welsh COVID regulations.

The Welsh Government have produced a “Frequently Asked Questions” document that explains the rationale for reopening along with the answers to many other questions you may have.

General Update

The leadership team have worked closely with the local authority to complete an extensive Risk Assessment of all aspects of the school reopening. This has involved:

  • Identifying risks in reopening the school
  • Identifying how we reduce those risks
  • Updating policies
  • Sharing the Risk Assessment with Governors and seeking their comments and approval
  • A site visit from Conwy’s corporate risk assessment managers to review the assessment and inspect the site
  • A review and signing off by Conwy Health and Safety Manager
  • We have also completed individual risk assessments for some pupils identifying specific Health or support needs that would require additional measures such as Personal Protective Equipment

Staff Training

During the past week staff have been in school familiarising themselves with the new staff handbook and planning their school day. They have made changes to classrooms and developed the rotas for playtimes, lunch and activities. These plans are based on the Welsh Government Guidance on school reopening and the guidance on protective measures in childcare settings.

General school organisation

Transport arrangements

We have now been able to finalise the class lists for the reopening and established which parents are willing and able to bring their children to site and which children will require transport to and from school. The requests for transport have now been passed to Conwy’s School Transport department and they will allocate the transport that is available and inform parents of pick up

Picking up and dropping off on site

Walking onto site

  • Please use the double gates and approach the front the school along the walkway
  • When you get to the canopy you will see a taped line. Please wait here
  • In order for you to maintain a 2m distance from other parents and children red and white cones have been placed at 2m intervals. Please wait at one of the cones.
  • A member of staff from your child’s class will come out and support your child back to class
  • They may be wearing some Personal protective equipment e.g. mask and gloves
  • Please leave the site immediately and do not stop to talk to staff or other parents

In the evening this process will be reversed so please wait at one of the cones and a member of staff will bring your child down to you

There will be no access to reception, toilets or the school building

Driving onto site

  • All vehicles coming onto the site must join the line of vehicles that will include school transport and parents wishing to drop off children
  • You should not use the car park area and walk to the front of the school
  • You should not leave your vehicle unless asked to do so by the traffic manager
  • When your vehicle is at the front of the line a member of staff from your child’s class will approach the car and support your child up to class
  • The traffic manager will then direct you to drive away when it is safe to do so.
  • If your child is reluctant to leave the vehicle you should remain in the car and we will direct you to a parking bay where we can spend more time supporting your child to come into school.
  • Parents who have been identified as requiring additional time and space to unload due to use of ramps and lifts should continue to use the designated bays and will need to unload pupils ready for handover to staff
  • This process will be reversed at the end of the school day.

It is important that you do not come onto the school site before 9:10am in the morning or before 2:25 pm in the afternoon. This will ensure that we can keep children, parents, school and transport staff safe.

All children coming in to school will be required to have a daily screening letter. This can be handed in when you drop off your child at school or if your child is using school transport the escort will ask for the screening letter to be completed when they are picked up in the morning. A copy of the letter is included at the end of bulletin and hard copies will be available on site next week.

What will happen if my child is unwell?

The school nurse will be on site every day to support staff and pupils along with a number of qualified First Aiders. If your child arrives with symptoms or develops them during the day we will inform you and ask you to take them home or collect them immediately. Parents or a responsible adult must be available every day and school must have up to date details of the person who is to be contacted in the event of your child being unwell.
The current Public Health Wales Guidance describes the symptoms of COVID 19 as:

  • A high temperature
  • A continuous cough
  • A loss of taste or smell

If your child or anyone in your family has these symptoms they should not be attending school and should follow the self-isolation guidance provided by Welsh Government


Please ensure that all children have any medication signed in to school on their first day back. It is essential this medication prescribed for the child, labelled on the container and packaging and most importantly in date. Given the lockdown period we appreciate that “epipens”, “Buccal” and other medication may have expired and it may have been difficult to renew prescriptions, however, they will need replacing prior to your child restarting school. We may be able to assist in this process and our school nurse is available in school if you wish to call and discuss concerns with him.

Meal time

All pupils will have the option of bringing in packed lunch or requesting a school dinner.

If a school dinner is requested:

  • Free school meal – as parents receive their FSM payment directly they should be paying the school for a school dinner
  • Children of key workers requesting school dinners on ‘key worker days’ will not be charged
  • Children of key workers requesting school dinners on ‘catch up days’ will be charged
  • Non key worker children requesting school dinners will be charged

What will my child be doing during the day

Our primary focus during the final few weeks of the year will be to re-establish relationships and to build routines and ways of working that are adaptable enough to respond to the start of the new school year in September. In order to establish these skills and routines class sizes are very small and there will be almost 1:1 pupil staff ratio in all classes. This will allow staff to support pupil’s wellbeing as well as reviewing and assessing their learning and skills.

The traditional paper copy of the home school book will no longer be used and is being replaced by the SEE SAW app. Please contact your class teacher if you are having difficulties in accessing this.

If your child isn’t returning to school or on the days they aren’t in school they will continue to receive the support of the class teacher and school.

Reminder on School Uniform

School uniform is not essential and we are happy for you as parents/carers to make a judgement on this matter. If you feel it helps your child please allow them to wear uniform, conversely, if this proves difficult you shouldn’t make this barrier to returning to school

And finally can I once again express my gratitude and appreciation to you for your understanding and support over the past 3 months. We appreciate that the model of reopening prescribed by the Welsh Government may not be what everyone would have wanted or hoped for but it is the start of bringing children back into school and making contact with peers and staff. There is very little information available at the moment in relation to September and what “the offer” will look like, but we are planning for all eventualities and when we have more information we will update you.

We have all missed having the children in school and there has been an excitement and positivity from staff this week who are all looking forward to seeing children back in class in familiar settings with familiar faces. If there is any further information that we can provide please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jonathan Morgan

Please click on the following for a copy of the Daily Screening Questionnaire