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Summary of planned use of the Pupil Development Grant 2019-20

(Previously Pupil Deprivation Grant)

The Pupil Development Grant (PDG) is allocated to the school to be used to improve outcomes for learners eligible for free school meals (eFSM) and Looked After Children (LAC). It is intended to support pupils in overcoming the additional barriers that prevent learners from disadvantaged backgrounds achieving their full potential.

At Ysgol Y Gogarth we plan to use our grant allocation in order to undertake the following:-

    Professional Learning Grant Plan Summary 2019-20

  • To extend and embed pedagogical understanding of the DR ICE model via the OTP/OTAP/ITP: at school and regional level
  • To ensure teachers & teaching assistants engage in professional learning with a focus upon implementation of the Curriculum for Wales
  • Teachers and TA’s to collaborate on action research activities reflecting upon developing pedagogical understanding

    Education Improvement Grant Plan Summary 2019-20

  • To continue to be involved in external moderation of Literacy, Numeracy & DCF
  • Develop the peer coaching triad approach to improve teaching and learning
  • To embed the MOVE Programme within the pilot classes by developing staff skills and competence in assessment and implementation
  • Leadership & Training: developing a collaborative and distributed leadership approach by developing middle leaders
  • Curriculum Development: developing provision by reviewing and adapting the curriculum in light of Draft Curriculum For Wales 2022
  • Professional Development Opportunities for the ABA team
  • Professional Learning Opportunities for teachers: Curriculum For Wales & other agreed priorities

    Pupil Development Grant Plan Summary 2019-20

  • Family and Community Engagement: Promoting and supporting family & community engagement
  • Positive Behaviour Support to promote and facilitate the implementation of effective PBS: to promote self-regulation of behavior and to positively engage in learning
  • Supporting pupils to reach their potential via alternative means: language, communication and learning supports
  • Supporting pupils to reach their potential by extending pupil profiling to better include sensory profiles and provision reflecting these
  • Supporting pupils to reach their potential by promoting inclusion within and outside of school
  • Mastery Learning: to provide opportunities to engage with effective and structured programmes of learning, developing skills and knowledge that can be generalized into all areas of learning
  • Supporting pupils to reach their potential by supporting class based fine & gross motor development programmes